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Too many boobs, too little balls

So … parents were upset because of Katy Perry’s cleavage in a dress she was wearing while prancing around Sesame Streetkaty-perry.

Just curious — are these the same parents who lined up in droves to take their kids to see or buy the DVDs for The Little Mermaid? mermaid

Personally, I do think Katy could have covered up a bit more for her appearance for young children. I also think the producers at Sesame Street could have suggested more coverage before shooting began.

But the boobs in question here shouldn’t be those of Katy — they should be those boob-headed boobs who actually got their knickers in a twist over this — of all things that their kids could be watching, I have a feeling this is pretty tame, and oh, I’m sure the kids never hear their parents scream at each other and call each other names, by the way. I also think the Sesame Street boobs who pulled the segment because of this boobish protest are probably a little lacking in the balls department.

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2 Responses to Too many boobs, too little balls
  1. Katy and that mermaid are HOT,but not like you.

  2. Why, Mr. Perkins, I do believe you’re flirting with a blogger! 😉


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