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Creepy crawlie in the carport

Does anyone know what kind of spider this might be?


Posted on October 12th, 2010Comments RSS Feed
9 Responses to Creepy crawlie in the carport
  1. I’m going with female Southern House Spider: Kukulcania hibernalis

  2. Mary, I’ve sent a pic of the spider to Dr. Eric Schreiber – (Dr. of Entomology), and will have your answer this morning.

  3. Jono — thanks for the ID — I’ll look that up to compare … and thanks for visiting the blog and for commenting!

    Daniel — you’re sweet to go to so much trouble!

  4. I’ll stomp on it for you…

  5. Well, it was kind of big and lethal looking, but I don’t want him stomped! 😉

  6. Mary, this is what I got and when I get home, I’ll send you some extra pics Dr. Schreiber sent me.

    It’s a common spider found throug out the South, not agressive; nor dangerous. Infra order: Haplogynac Family: Filistatide Genus: Kukulcania – Kukullcania Sp.

    Wait till you see the pics he sent me…


  7. oh, good — there seems to be a consensus!

  8. Do you feel kinda tingly all over and have a sudden urge to jump fearlessly off tall condos on the Key? Are you able to shoot webs from your wrists? Have you acquired–let’s just call it–a “spidey sense” about evil overlords? Are you furiously, if inexplicably, trying to sew together a red-and-blue Spandex bodysuit?

    If so, you are going to be somebody’s coolest date ever this Halloween!!

  9. Right. I didn’t want to go public with it, but now that you’ve outed me …


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