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Doug Holder’s Attack Ad is Amateur-Hour

Doug Holder, with his new laughably doltish and amateurish attack television ad against Nancy Feehan, has dug a new hole for himself.

This hole — one that shows the levels to which Holder is willing to lower himself — comes on top of the pathetic holes he has already dug for himself by being a no-show at um, count ’em with me now — FOUR District 70 voter events (yes, it’s clear this guy really respects his constituency or maybe it just reveals his terror at having to present himself in a public forum):

The League of Women Voters (LWV) of Sarasota County on Monday, October 18 which was hosting, but had to cancel, a long-scheduled debate between Holder and Nancy Feehan, because he canceled close to the last minute..
The Civic League Candidate Panel on September 8
The Nokomis Area Civic Association Candidate Meet & Greet
And at the National Council of Jewish Women meeting where Holder’s chair was held for him, but he never bothered to show up.

Holder's empty seat -- yet another no-show!

Holder's empty seat -- yet another no-show!

And these are just the ones I know about! The television ads out right now just show Holder’s inability to talk issues — so he has to get other people to talk about nothing for him.

Honestly, I’m not sure this guy could spell class if I spotted him the C and the L, but then again, maybe the rest of that word’s letters help explain why.

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