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Come as you are … leave different … and save 20% at Sarasota Symphony’s Masterworks this weekend!

This weekend, November 12, 13, and 14, the Sarasota Orchestra is presenting a unique “Masterworks” concert that seems designed for someone like me — who is open to, but sometimes uncertain about, classical music … at least beyond my immortal beloved. so1

What makes this weekend’s concerts different is that they offer a rare opportunity — a kind of “sampling” of the masterpiece works of several masters — from Ravel, Tchaikovsky, Strauss, and more.

I’ve been to the symphony several, but not many, times over the years — mostly to see, hear, experience, the music of Ludwig v.B. (If you’ve read my blog you may know I’m huge Beethoven fan — most notably when I expressed my not-so-secret desire to have been his lover — in my column — Beethoven Rocks My World.)

I’ve realized lately, though, that my repertoire, understanding, and experience of classical music should probably not be limited to just one master, and I’m beginning to bend my ear to others.

So, I think this kind of concert being offered this weekend by our local Sarasota Orchestra is an outstanding opportunity for people to experience and expose themselves to a range of composers, and music, in a very different kind of presentation.

Instead of offering the three long-ish kinds of pieces you usually experience in a typical concert, this Masterworks presentation is going to include I think something like seven different works — in shorter, dynamic, and engaging pieces. Perfect for a symphonic novice like yours truly with a limited attention span for the sometimes overly long symphonic pieces we sometimes see putting people to sleep in movies.

But what’s extra cool is that the Sarasota Orchestra has agreed to offer MC Reality Readers a special 20% discount on tickets for this particular Masterworks concert. I’m no mathematician, but since tickets range from $29 to $79, that means you can save anywhere from $6 to over $16 per ticket! Not too shabby!

I hope you have a chance to take advantage of this 20% discount — I simply asked the Orchestra if they’d be willing to do it for my “reality” readers — and to my happy surprise they said yes!! If you’re interested, go to, and enter in promotional code “mc20” or call (941) 953-3434 and I think you can give the same code when ordering over the phone. (Be sure to lower case the “mc” as I’ve shown — the coding system is case sensitive.)

If you decide to buy tickets and feel like letting me know, drop a blog comment or send me an email. And if you go, and want to share a review/your thoughts — send me an email and/or post a blog comment.

P.S. As I was noodling around the SO site to find out details about the Masterworks concert, I found out that they’re having a special all-Beethoven concert on December 16. I also saw the tag line for the orchestra — “Come as You Are … Leave Different.” What a fabulous summation of what music can do for you — music truly does make you feel differently than you felt before you heard it.

Image from The Wall Street Journal June 5-6, 2010, page W14

Image from The Wall Street Journal June 5-6, 2010, page W14

As with Beethoven, whom I return to over and over … music literally reminds me of who I am and what has meaning to me. I know that sounds pie-in-the-sky-ish, but it’s true. Music, whatever kind, but especially so with truly masterful pieces — allows us to transcend the crazy, caked-over run-on days of our lives, and pulls us with sometimes a shocking clarity into an appreciation of the world around us and a sudden awareness and faith in our potential as human beings.

I hope you try out the symphony … have fun if you do … and be prepared to feel different when you leave!

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