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Heal Hunger for the Holidays — update

Let’s Heal Hunger for the Holidays!

Since 2006, readers of my “reality” columns, op/ed essays in papers, and of my blog, have been kindly and generously donating to the annual “MC Reality Readers” fundraising drive to benefit All Faiths Food Bank, raising $10,600 so far to help feed the hungry men, women, and children of our community who struggle to put food on the table and make ends meet.

This year, more than ever, is the year of greatest need … and of great opportunity for those of us who are able to dig deep and help out those who need a hand.

It’s a nice circle of grace to know that because my hometown newspaper has recently helped me by hiring me as a weekly freelance contributor … I, in turn, can do something more significant than in years past to help others. Every year, I’ve always contributed any writing fees I received from print publications during the month of November — wasn’t always a lot, but this year, I’m grateful to be able to donate more than ever before because of my new Sarasota Herald-Tribune/Ticket column.

Times are extraordinarily tight for so many of us – for our friends, family, neighbors, people we see on the streets or at bus stations, or in line at the supermarket or bank – people we might not know personally, but who are part of who we are as a community… that’s why I’m writing again about the All Faiths “Reality Reader” drive.

All Faiths has already begun receiving donations from Reality Readers — if you’d like to help heal hunger for the holidays – here’s how you can get involved:

A donation of any amount, even $5, will help; $12 will provide enough food to supply a holiday meal to a family of five; $100 will provide 159 meals; and $500 will supply 794 meals. On your donation, if you’d like to participate specifically in my annual drive, simply write “MC Reality Reader” on your check or in the “Special Instructions” box online.

All Faiths Food Bank — make a donation online at All Faiths
Or send a check snail mail to: 8171 Blaikie Court
Sarasota, Florida 34240-8321
Just be sure to put the words “MC Reality Reader” on your check or enter it in the “special instructions” box online, if you want to specifically participate in this “reality” drive (All Faiths will be giving me a final tally on “reality” donations in early December, and this helps them track the donations.)

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog – no need to respond unless you want to; just know that I appreciate your time in reading, and of course, if you do choose/are able to make a donation in any amount – know that your generosity is truly appreciated.

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One Response to Heal Hunger for the Holidays — update
  1. Thanks MC — this is such a worthy cause and I appreciate the reminder. Thanks for all YOU do in the community. You are a gem!


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