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Sarasota’s Red-Light District … we aughtta be ashamed!

Mother of Three Killed by Red-Light Runner.

There really should be a special place in hell for people who intentionally run red lights.

I also have a special disdain for people who don’t pull over (safely) when ambulances or fire trucks are approaching from either in front or behind.

Is anyone really in that big of a hurry that they can’t slow down for yellow, and even stop on yellow when it’s about to turn red? Are people really okay with themselves acting like they don’t have to slow down, stop, or safely pull over if an emergency vehicle is running its sirens to get through traffic?

I just don’t get people sometimes.

Posted on November 11th, 2010Comments RSS Feed
3 Responses to Sarasota’s Red-Light District … we aughtta be ashamed!
  1. Mary, what really irks me, is the defense by some US Senators – (who were only doing what they could to pad their votes during the recent election), when they argued that now is not the time – economicaly, to impose high traffic citations for red-light-runners. Another words what the red light runners are saying in their defense, is that they feel the fines are too high for running a red light and may impose some tough choices by either paying a 150.00 fine or putting a meal on their table for their families for the week. Mary, it’s the freaking law! Running a red light is against the law and always has been. No grey area, no if-ands-or-buts…it’s against the law and has always been in the Florida Law Driving Handbook. But Mary, the City Police, simply have not been enforcing the llaw. I was at Ringling and 301 just the other day, parked right next to a City police officer. This pick-up, blatantly went through the red light – (Going north on Washington across Ringling), and the cop simply looked at me, right square in the eyes and did nothing. Mary, every single day, someone gets hit by a red light runner. The following accident happened just the other day:
    Sure, the red light runner was 82 and probably legally blind. Mary, that’s another issue. Did you know that you can be legally blind and still re-new your drivers license by mail?! AARP states it’s discriminatory to “make” the elderly take eye exams prior to re-newing their drivers licenses?

  2. there but for the grace of god goes me. and if I do run a red light for any reason at anytime, I would like the driver who has never violated any traffic laws to throw the first stone.

  3. Good point, Gary. And that’s why I made sure to include the word “intentionally” in my first sentence. I know we’ve all done it unintentionally — it does happen, but there are some people who really speed up to get through those red lights even when it’s already red!

    Thanks for reading and commenting.


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