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Things to be thankful for ….

This little bird — I think it’s a house wren perhaps — has been hanging in my yard for about two months now. It’s probably a female, but I call it my “old guy.” He flies very tentatively and I believe he cannot see out of his left eye — see how red and inflamed it looks? (the other eye appears normal). He’s also hard of hearing. I sometimes walk right up to him before he realizes I’m there. I think he hears, just not all that well. He sits on the feeder sometimes for what seems like hours, nibbling away. He goes to the bird fountain and sips at the water. When he first arrived back in early September, I thought seriously that he was dying — he seemed so frail. But he seems to be getting stronger and stronger.
I’m grateful I’ve been able to give him a place to rest his wings and get some sustenance. I know it’s goofy, but I love him!

When I see creatures like this in my backyard, it just makes me feel good. I’m not sure why he wandered up so close to my carport, but he’s a cutie pie and let me snap away, and then he meandered off to some bushes. Don’t know why, but I just like having some reptilian representation on my property.

I went to a lovely party on Casey Key and snapped this photo from the rooftop deck. Cliche, I know, but this kind of sight never becomes tiresome, always inspires, and is, truly, priceless.

I’m grateful for all my felines — but Coco is so cute lately. She gets “cold” in the ever-so-slight so-called “Sarasota chill”, so I have to wrap her up in a fuzzy blanket that a neighbor gave me. I adopted all my cats from shelters or just from the streets, so I’m grateful for the luck, providence, happenstance, coincidence, or divine intervention, that brought them all into my life!

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4 Responses to Things to be thankful for ….
  1. Those all made me smile :)

  2. Oh, thanks for visiting … and reading, Sarah!

  3. May nature’s beauty bless you for the rest of your life. For, you are a beautiful person.

  4. Ah, thank you JW — wishing you a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!


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