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So, long Creative Loafing … updated

Looks like the Sarasota Herald Tribune had a hankering for Creative Loafing’s ginormous (relatively speaking) database of online users.

Sarasota Herald Tribune Licenses Creative Loafing Sarasota Brand

I just read the paper — newspaper, Sarasota H-T and it says the licensing deal is for one year, and that CL ceases publication tomorrow. — That’s sad, it’s been around a long time.

I quit writing for Creative Loafing earlier this year — in May I think it was. Just never could get the editors to work with me on frequency of appearing in the paper. They only wanted a contribution once a month, and for a columnist, it just doesn’t work well in terms of building and connecting with an audience or for having any kind of groove going.

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One Response to So, long Creative Loafing … updated
  1. Even though I quit writing my “Sex/Suburbs” column several months ago, I still felt pangs of sadness yesterday when I read that CL is closing up shop. It provided a fresh, irreverent blast of energy for Sarasota, and it’s unfortunate that it couldn’t survive. You’ll just have to bring the sass to your weekly column at H-T!


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