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Stan Zimmerman’s report: $148 million spent on economic development

If you missed Stan Zimmerman’s report in today’s Pelican Press newspaper — about the $148 million, 148 MILLION DOLLARS, FOLKS, that Sarasota County has spent in the past two years on economic development give-aways, incentives, tax breaks (I just call them BRIBES, and always have, though those are strictly my words, not Stan’s) — anyway if you haven’t read his report, I think it’s required reading.

You can find it in the current issue of the Pelican Press or read it here online: $148 million spent on economic development.

I’ve written before on my views on economic development — if you’re interested, you can revisit that subject by clicking Frailty, Thy Name is Economic Development.

Posted on December 16th, 2010Comments RSS Feed

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