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Homeless in Paradise — Sarasota H-T Reporter Digs Deep for Story on Regular Folks Living on the Edge

If you missed Sarasota H-T Reporter Kim Hackett’s front-page story in today’s paper — Homeless in Paradise — just click on the hyperlink in the article title name and read this compelling and superbly written investigative piece on people living on the fringe of our society.

Brava, Hackett.

Posted on December 19th, 2010Comments RSS Feed
One Response to Homeless in Paradise — Sarasota H-T Reporter Digs Deep for Story on Regular Folks Living on the Edge
  1. Mary, I’m so happy that you posted this story and I’m wondering how many are going to provide a truthful response.

    Mary, what’s been going on to this country these past 20 years, has been gut-wrenching pathetic. Never, ever, have I seen such proof, that this counntry is based on one principle and one principle along – GREED.

    Mary, the attitude of this country is: “I’ve got mine and to the hell with the rest of you” The resistance of Obama’s health care program is one example. Sure, the program isn’t without flaws. But Mary, the man is at leat trying… what has his predecesor before him done regarding 60 million Americans without any form of health-care coverage – not a damn thing.

    Mary, I read this story in last Sunday’s edition of the Herald-Tribune with disgust. Disgust that almost 90% of the goods purchased in this country are made overseas.

    Mary, this country has become so backward…hell, just now, they are recognizing gays in the military…Mary, this is 2010 for God’s sake!

    Mary, as I read this story, I wonder how many of your readers are thinking: “sure, look at the bums drinking beer instead of looking for work”…Mary, because they’ve given up in this pathetic society we call the United States. Mary; “there are no jobs” and before any of your readers condem these homelss victims, ask then; what would you do, if you lost your job, you lost your home and you had absolutely no friends or relatives to fall back on”?

    Mary, any of the people in the pictures could have very well been you or I. And I truly find it sickening, at how America has thurned their backs on their own people….that is with the exception of the Rich…

    Mary, all I have to say, is more power to Julian Assange, at exposing the corruption goingon in not only the United States, but in the world. I hope there will be more followers who follow his footstep. We need transperency in this country and there is none. I can’t wait, for him to expose the corruption with the banks in this country..right up to how Washington is sleeping with Goldman Sachs and why Washington is leeting banks like J.P. Morgan Chase and Bank of America, get away with corruption in this country. The only jobs available in Sarasota County, would be for robo-signers. I heard they’re hiring and our judges are doing nothing, but turning the other cheek and let them sign and stamp documents that were falsified. More power to you Julian Assange, and my prayers go with you that you prosper and put the truth out there. Because our paid for media certainly isnt doing their job.

    The Advocate

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