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Don’t Whisper … JUST YELL!!!


Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell — finally repealed.

President Obama just signed it into law. That stupid policy had ended the careers of over 14,000 military personnel — people who just wanted to serve our country — that policy now dead and done.

I’ve written about this previously — Do Ask; Do Tell.

Finally, no more whispering about sexual preferences — just a metaphorical YELL — we’re all created equal, die equal, and should have equal rights.

Posted on December 22nd, 2010Comments RSS Feed
6 Responses to Don’t Whisper … JUST YELL!!!
  1. Can’t wait to see the new uniforms

  2. “Can’t wait to see the new uniforms”

    I’m sure they will continue to be most practical.

  3. Hi Mary Catherine,

    It’s interesting that in 1948 President Truman could integrate the Armed Forces by executive order, but in 1993 President Clinton could not perform the same act regarding openly homosexual servicemen and women. Don’t know what to make of those two situations. But I DO know that ‘separate, but equal’ is NOT the American way.

    I was just as thrilled as you were when I heard that the Senate voted for the repeal. And for those 30% who don’t like it; y’all this is the military, NOT a democracy. Follow orders or get another profession when your tour is up.

  4. M.C., All I can say; is it’s about damn time!
    People need to remember one thing, the ones who enacted the “Dont ask – Dont tell” bill, were the same Republican Senators from the 60’s, who kept their sons from being drafted by enrolling their sons in college to avoid from having them serve our country. I’ll put money on it, that 50% of those, didn’t even meet the required grade-point average, to get them accepted…(but money talks). Kinda hyprocritical don’t ya think, to tell America that gays are different from everyone else, hence, prevent them from servin g our country, but on the same token, they kept their kids from serving our country, by using their power and policical influence, from making their sons were’s drafted. Then, after the war, the Senators kids, ended up working for their dads… I’d like one person out there, tell me a gay is any different from anyone else who wants to serve they’re country. And if ya think they can’t shoot as good as anyone else, I’d have to ask that they go to Take Aim, on 301 and see for yourself. Thank you MC for posting this story…. you notice the local rags aren’t giving this story the attention it deserves? Heck no, they’d lose advertising dollars from the right….

  5. its never to late to take back what was wronged!

  6. you’re right, yolanda ,… thanks for visiting MC Reality Online.

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