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Beyond gun control

My column in today’s Sarasota Herald Tribune talks about the recent spate of gun violence in Sarasota and Manatee counties and discusses MLK’s idea of the “violence of spirit” that is really behind physical violence.

You can read it in today’s TICKET — in today’s newspaper or tomorrow for FREE in the old Creative Loafing newsstand boxes found throughout the city.

Or, you can read it online here — Tackling Internal Violence.

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3 Responses to Beyond gun control
  1. When Obama struck a deal with conservatives to allow concealed weapons in national parks it made me wonder, just who did I vote for? The regulations and red tape to obtain a hand gun puts weapons in the hands of fanatics who often behave too much like John Wayne.
    We enjoyed shooting guns in the woods when we were young, but when you traveled home, the guns and ammo had to travel separately; one in the trunk, and one in the glove box. This was the law.
    The line is now more grey thanks to these compromises. We need to let the police do their jobs in public, and we need to take personal responsibility in our homes. In the words of a friend, ‘I draw the line, it’s at my front door.’

  2. Re: The pic that accompanied the article.. I don’t like the grip..

  3. John, I agree….. I like the new Springfield XD (M) series – compact model. I also like the Taures – Pro series, (nice grip), and the Sig Sauers…the P229’s Currently, I have a S&W M&P 40 cal. compact… Say, maybe I’ll catch ya up at Take Aim some day.


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