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These feet were made for walking …

courtesy of Sarasota YMCA website

courtesy of Sarasota YMCA website

So, today, after months and months (really nearly a year) of not walking mostly, and then walking in 10 minute increments to build up to thirty minutes, today I walked in the 1 mile “fun run” portion of the New Balance Ringling Bridge Run.

I did have to quit just on the final leg of the return part, so my friends went on to finish without me and I headed back to my car. But all in all I walked nearly an hour!

A friend of mine won a competition to design the tee-shirts for the run — she did a great job, but unfortunately, I don’t have a pic.

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3 Responses to These feet were made for walking …
  1. Congrats MC.Before you know it you will be able to walk further each day.

  2. Hooray.. Good for you.. You made the attempt, and that makes you a winner !

  3. Thanks to you both for your sweet thoughts — I really do appreciate it. Hope you’re all keeping warm.

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