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Saying “I do” — all over again

If you’re married, Valentine’s Day can probably seem a bit redundant, right? I mean, you’ve already wooed — and won — the person who made (and hopefully still makes) your heart pitter-patter.

But it’s essential, isn’t it, to do what you can to keep those love fires burning strong year after year? Read my blog on today’s TICKET website — about what to do to honor your I do’s … all over again:

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Posted on February 5th, 2011Comments RSS Feed
2 Responses to Saying “I do” — all over again
  1. Now that I did do last year for the first time and it was great.Bought wine and goodies to the festivities. To see all those people renew their vows was very moving indeed.

  2. oh, cool!!! if you do it again this year and want to share a pic on this blog — send it along. either way, congrats on seeming very much in love!


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