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Brown Thrasher has died

My beautiful Brown Thrasher has died. I know it’s crazy to get so attached to little creatures, but I can’t help it. thrasher

He came so often to my bird feeder and he was making a home, with a mate, I think, in the bushes outside the patio. He was grand and kind of fierce and independent and I’m really sorry he died. It seems as if a car hit him. thrasher-2

I made a video (just click on the image above) of my Thrasher at Christmas but never posted it because it was so dorky — me, being dorky. But now, I just want you to see how gorgeous he was — just ignore my blabbering, keep the sound off, in fact, and just look. I don’t know if the Thrasher who came to the feeder and the fountain was the same as the little tyke in the photo above which I took in the early fall, I think it was. I’m not sure … .

But the one who’s been coming these past few months was quite magnificent and would often turn around and stare through the window at me if there wasn’t enough food in the feeder. He kind of scared the cardinals and smaller birds at first, but they all, over time, became acclimated to each other and shared the feeders.

He would often drink water from the bird fountain. Just yesterday, I read the Saturday paper and watched him outside — within feet of me, really.

He’s buried now.

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12 Responses to Brown Thrasher has died
  1. So you do have the capacity to fall over feathers?

  2. I think being a goodguy in the backyard is truly rewarding. There is no pet ownership, no sense of entitlement. If you abide by the basic rules of Mother Nature then in all likelihood you will get a few results. Practice makes perfect, or read a book. You dont hang a finch feeder under a tree’s limb, and a bird bath by a ‘reflective’ window is ok. It sounds like you are in the network MC, I feel confident that the word has spread around the neighborhood, and that more nature will come; because, you are worthy.

  3. Thanks, Scott. I can’t believe how much I miss him this morning.

  4. I agree with JP as a duck would fit the bill.

  5. I knew you would be quaking up on that one.:-)

  6. you actually made me laugh at 706 am! pretty good, steve.

  7. Great.Have a nice pate MC!

  8. Just seeing this so sorry about your little buddy. ps The video is sweet and your voice is beautiful! silly!

  9. Thanks, Joan, it’s odd, probably, but even weeks later now, i still miss him.

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