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Snail Mail Your Love!

Photo courtesy of Sarasota Herald Tribune TICKET website.

Photo courtesy of Sarasota Herald Tribune TICKET website.

Here’s my advice about preparing for V-Day (just six days away, folks!) in my “After Hours” blog on the Sarasota Herald Tribune website …. Snail Mail Your Love!

Posted on February 7th, 2011Comments RSS Feed
2 Responses to Snail Mail Your Love!
  1. Hey MC, How’s this for snail mail? When I lived on Siesta Key I met a woman whom I connected with via pen and paper. We didn’t use the postal service though, we instead stuffed our confessions in a Bird of Paridise that tucked by my door. This went on for months! We cultivated a mental conception of us based on our output. We met first in a bar, played a little kissey face, but after that, it was, rush home to see if my dream girl was thinking of me. We drew each other in and it became amazing. I dont have to dwell on the fact that nature took it course, (age factor) and we no longer communicate. But what a time we had. I was in love, and it could have all been lost on too much too soon. A lesson that keeps me honest with the girls I meet. If there isn’t anything going on up stairs, then down stairs is just a fire drill: which can be hot! But like the country song sings, “i’m not as good as i once was, but I can be good once as I ever was”


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