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Sarasota farmers markets mean fun

My Sense and the City column this week is all the local farmers market in Sarasota. street-musician

You can read it online at: Farmers markets mean fun or or pick up a free copy of TICKET at news boxes all around the city and find it on page 10E.

Posted on February 25th, 2011Comments RSS Feed
3 Responses to Sarasota farmers markets mean fun
  1. I’ve always enjoyed strolling around aimlessly at Farmers’ Markets wherever I’ve lived. The sights, the sounds, and the smells can be rewarding in and of themselves alone.

    It’s also a good place to pick up chicks.

  2. Mary, say, I’m really glad that you included the photo of the man playing the guitar next to the vegetable stand. He’s truly an icon of Sarasota and a super guitar player!

    Mary, this photo and your story in the “Ticket” section of the Herald-Tribune brought back some fond memories. When I worked in Detroit – (worked at the main produce terminal in Detroit, for almost 30 years), I also operated several fruit & vegetable stands in Detroit’s historic – (on eof the oldest produce market’s in the country), for about 15 years, in addition to my regular job at the produce terminal.

    Mary, what an amazing experience! Because Detroit is so diverse in culture, the market contained spices from all over the world, every produce imaginable, fresh seafood from all over the globe and fresh butured meats. You could purchase anything from a whole lamb, You name it…..this market had it.

    I’d begin my morning, setting up around 2:00 a.m. and get finished about 5:00 , that afternoon – “year-round”. But just to speak with people from every ethnic origin was facinating!

    Mary, you have any fruit & vegetable questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    But when I go to the Sarasota Farmer’s Market, I remember my years in Detroit.

    *Mary, an event I hope you write about, is another; “new-found” gem I just discovered over the weekend. It’s the regatta events being held at the Nathan Benderson Park. Mary, I had absolutely no idea how wonderful and fun these events are. This course already has a national title as being one of the best rowing places in the country and when the final phase is finished, will receive world-class recognition. I volunteered for the first regatta invitational and am certainly glad I did. There’s great food tents, the races are exciting to watch and what a great way to spend the day.

    Mary, for those who would be interested in volunteering for the future regattas coming up in April, here is the contact info:

    Adrian Olivo – (941) 323-3919
    Volunteer Coordinator

    Mary, I really hope you’d attend, as I’m more than sure, you’ll have a great time.(Say, there’s a few firefighters and EMT paramedics on site as well… 😉

    Hope the weekend was great and a great story Mary, on the various Farmers Markets in our great community!

  3. Oops… can I include the link….hope you don’t mind:

    And click on; the “Sarasota” location…. the link will provide some great info. on what the park is going to look like soon..

    Sarasota should be proud indeed, to have one of the finest rowing parks in the world!


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