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Sarasota firefighters for every month!

Could I get any luckier?!

At my talk at the Sarasota Democratic Club event a week ago, one of my readers and all-round great guy around town, showed up to hear me talk, but also presented me with a present from Sarasota firefighters — who had read my column about the “Monsters of Midtown” in the newspaper recently.

The present was one of their 2011/2012 monthly calendars!

Lots of brave (and beautiful!) women are out there fighting fires, too!

Lots of brave (and beautiful!) women are out there fighting fires, too!

Too gorgeous!

Too gorgeous!

I was touched by their sweet gesture, but now that the calendar is hanging on my wall — I’m getting my daily dose of heroes every day.

If you want to support the firefighters, you can buy one of their 2011/2012 calendars, which benefit the Fire Fighters Benevolent Fund and “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer/American Cancer Association.” — I’m not quite sure who you call to get a calendar, but I imagine if you call your local station or stop by sometime when they’re not racing out the door — you can pick one up for yourself and donate to a good cause in the process.

Thanks for the calendar guys … and gals!

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4 Responses to Sarasota firefighters for every month!
  1. Very Nice!! Please let us know where we can purchase these calendars! Thanks!!!

  2. The gentleman in question, who gave you the cal, is an all around great guy !!!.I never met him but we continue to wait for the blog party to chat.He has arranged for as many of the firefighters you want to attend MC.Now get to it:-)
    The firefighters along with the police never get enough credit for the tremendous jobs that they do.Bravo.

  3. Hello all,
    Calendars can be purchased from me. They are $15 each and are 18 month calendars.
    You can reach me at

    Thanks for your support in these difficult financial times!
    Sean Murphy

  4. Thanks, Sean, for the info!


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