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MC on Panel Discussion tonight — Men, Women & Relationships

Intellectual … interpersonal … and it’s FREE! Tonight, from 5 to 7 p.m., I’ll be participating in a panel discussion with Dr. Larry Thompson, President of Ringling College of Art and Design, Dr. Nancy Schlossberg, noted professor of psychology and book author, Dr. Jon Yenari, a practicing physician and Assistant Professor at FSU Medical School, and I believe, the Hon. Larry Egar, Sarasota Public Defender. There is no cost to attend.

We’ll be talking about “Men, Women & Relationships” — issues of power, balance, connecting, changes from generation to generation, moderated by Dr. Willa Bernhard, former instructor at Cornell University Medical School. As usual, I’m the low woman on the totem pole in terms of bona fides, but I’ve got plenty to say about the subject!

The panel is convened for the 4th Annual Frances Kraaymes Lecture and fundraising event put on by the Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota.

Call 941.366.1700 for tickets or show up!

The Women’s Resource Center, 340 S. Tuttle Avenue, Sarasota.

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  1. How did it go MC?


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