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Summer’s the Season on Siesta

We should all be thanking our lucky stars for Siesta Beach … and my Sense and the City column in today’s Sarasota Herald Tribune TICKET tells why.

Sand-bound beauty!

Sand-bound beauty!

Summer’s the Season on Siesta.

Posted on June 2nd, 2011Comments RSS Feed
3 Responses to Summer’s the Season on Siesta
  1. Great article MC.I go 5 times a week to run and walk ,sunsets, swim etc etc..It never gets old. Hope all is well with you.Off now to the beach for a 4 mile run/walk.Enjoy.

  2. Great article!! Please share with your readers that another “Hands Across the Sand” is happening on Sat, June 25th on Siesta Beach at 11am!

    Hands Across The Sand participants are joining hands on June 25th to say NO to offshore oil drilling and YES to clean energy. We are joining hands to implore leaders and decision makers to end the United States’ dependence on oil and coal and embrace a clean energy future for a sustainable planet.

  3. M.C., great column this week regarding Siesta Beach, being nominated #1.

    Say Mary, I truly don’t understand what all the whining is all about regarding the County not having adequate public parking places in order to reach this beach.

    In my experience when I used to frequent this beach, I’ve notived almost 75% of the vehicles which take up the parking spots contain 2 local occupants.

    Here’s just one of many solutions to the parking dilema: SCAT route # 11, which leaves the downtown transfer station at 1st. & Lemon 15 minutes after every hour. Cost – .75 each way. The bus holds 32 riders which would eliminate taking up 16 parking spots at the beach and would make room for the tourists.

    Just one idea.


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