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Drill off our #1 beach? Heck no! Help draw a line in the sand!

Hands Across the Sand … Siesta Key, FL on Sat. June 25th 11:45-ish between the Pavilion and the Tennis Courts

Local “Hands Across the Sand” gathering in solidarity with events around the country to raise awareness about the dangers of offshore drilling and call on leaders to end our oil dependence and move America into a clean energy future.

At noon, participants will join hands for 15 minutes to form a line along the beach. A pot luck picnic will follow the Hands Across the Sand gathering. This year the Sarasota County Parks Department is not supporting the gathering as they have in the past. There will be no signs, posters, fliers or speakers allowed. Instead there will be a simple, silent remembrance of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Several hundred citizens and visitors from the Sarasota area will be joined by volunteers from the local Sierra Club and Transition Sarasota.

Hands Across The Sand was founded by Floridian Dave Rauschkolb in October 2009. Hands Across The Sand is endorsed by national environmental organizations including Transition Sarasota, Sierra Club, Audubon, Surfrider Foundation, Oceana, Defenders of Wildlife, Alaska Wilderness League, Ocean Conservancy, Friends of the Earth, Environment America, 350,, Center for Biological Diversity and

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2 Responses to Drill off our #1 beach? Heck no! Help draw a line in the sand!
  1. Thanks MC!

  2. Mary, thank you for posting this.

    I’m certainly glad, this subject never gets set aside, as if the oil-spill never happened.

    Also, the rhetoric: “Drill Here, Drill Now and Pay Less” is a joke.
    (1)Over 80% of the gulf drilling permits are owned by over-seas contractors – namley BP. Sure, BP is going to give Florideans a break in gas prices, right…right? (Sure, believe that…better yet, try going within 50 miles of the oil-spill area…you’ll not get out alive!) And of course, the oil spilled, magically was evaporated into thin air, like BP said. That’s why they bought the rights from Google, so anything negative posted about them, they can legaly delete… that’s why the photos of the hundreds of dolphins and other marine life which perished, was secretly taken to a holding station in Louisana and disposed of.


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