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Like this website? Let me build one for you!

Keeping web sites fresh, relevant, and useful should be a priority for anyone who wants to be taken seriously. In addition to working with clients to create new websites and refresh existing ones, I help clients drive traffic to their sites and keep their sites dynamic and relevant with regular updates of fresh content, resources, and images.

With years of experience in helping businesses, nonprofits, and individuals communicate with their employees, clients, colleagues and community, I can quickly grasp the essentials of what needs to be communicated and to whom, and am able to get to a finished, high-quality, high-impact product with minimal input from the client and with a tight focus on the bottom line of a budget.

I not only work on Intranet sites … I contributed design input, content development and project management services for the creation of an national-award-winning company employee Intranet site. I continue to provide daily editing and content development for the site.

Below are two samples of sites I designed in collaboration with a website builder, and for which I wrote/manage content and weekly updates:

Church of the Redeemer

Sewell Valentich Tillis & Associates

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