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The Culture of Cheating

A good cat will never cheat! :)

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune ran an op/ed of mine — on the topic of Herman Cain, cheating, and what difference it makes if a liar and a cheater holds office — in today’s newspaper — you can find it on the last page of the A section in print — or just click on the link below to read.

You’re lyin’ cheatin’ ways …. or as I like to call it, Cain’s Complaint (for all you Philip Roth lovers out there).

Posted on December 15th, 2011Comments RSS Feed
3 Responses to The Culture of Cheating
  1. Gingerich is projected by many pundits to win the Florida and the South Carolina primary elections . Does it ever make you wonder why do the “moral majority” groups and right-wing conservatives will still support Newt Gingerich ?

  2. There is so much I can say MC but again you hit the nail on the head.Again you if you cheat you are an ass&*****(^^%%$#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Now with the upcoming election I really go back and forth about Newt.I have to put what he could do for this country as opposed to what he did in the past..It bothers me but again I really do not like what the future of where this country is headed.The Messiah BO has failed plain and simple!!!
    You know I wish you the best of everything as you move forward in your life and career.Carpe Diem!!!:-)

  3. Thanks for reading Steve — good to hear from you!


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