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Merry Holidays? Happy Spending! What do you think we should say?

Last Thursday I was reading, as I do each day, the letters to the editor section of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune and came across a Letter to the Editor about whether or not people should say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays.

Should we be saying Happy Chanukah too? Maybe Season’s Greetings instead? Maybe we should go with Happy Christmas? Or would we be better off saying, “Happy Black Friday Shopping!” ???

You can read the letter to the editor by clicking here (the link should take you directly to the letter I’m talking about but if not, just choose page four!)

After you read it, or even without reading it, share your opinion here with a quick blog post!

Posted on December 18th, 2011Comments RSS Feed
4 Responses to Merry Holidays? Happy Spending! What do you think we should say?
  1. Mary….. you asked for opinions…well, to be truthfull, I believe this Country is going a tad bit overboard with all this political correctivness going on…it’s not politicaly correct to say this, or that…. sorry…. Mary, I’ll continue to say “Merry Christmas” -or- “Happy Christmas” thank you. If the writer says I’m being disrespectful, then so be it… if the person being wished “Merry Christmas” feels offended, then he’she does not have to acknowledge my wishes and merely ignore me…

    Thank you for asking our opinions and am curious as to how your other readers will respond…. one of the great features of having a blog…you sort of get the ‘feel’ of what others are thinking..

  2. As the writer of this letter to the editor, I would like take a mulligan on this line: “It is simply insensitive to say “Merry Christmas” to someone if you don’t know whether he or she celebrates the holiday” and change to “I think it is insensitive to say “Merry Christmas” to someone if you don’t know whether he or she celebrates the holiday”.

    I prefer to talk and write primarily using “I” statements.

    And I agreed with this letter when I wrote it at 2 am, but in the light of day, I don’t necessarily feel exactly this way personally. I agree with my overall point, but on a personal level, as a Jewish person, I love many aspects of Christmas and have mixed feelings when a stranger wishes me “Merry Christmas.” I know the person means only good in saying that, and I enjoy saying “Merry Christmas” back to her knowing it is part of her holiday tradition.

    My letter may have been expressing the voice of the 7-year-old Jewish boy shopping with his mother around Christmas time. The pretty clerk rings up the order and as we are leaving says charmingly “Have a Merry Christmas,” and the 7-year-old boy who does not celebrate this holiday does not know what to say back.

  3. And that’s an excellent point — the one you end with, Gary. That’s why I think this is a discussion worth having. I’m never offended when someone says Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or Happy Kwanzaa or May the Force Be With You. Whatever they want to say to me (of a positive nature) is a-okay in my book. But I’m very careful about what I say to others because I don’t want people to feel what you describe in your comment above. Thanks for adding — once again — to the discussion. MC

  4. Hi MC,
    I wish you a great _____________ and a very happy and healthy new year.May it be the best one yet filled with health,happiness and success.Again I hope you have a very Berry Wristmas:-)

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