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Raccoony kind of afternoon

Racoon begins climb to escape paparazzi.

.There’s a family of about four or five raccoons who live near me. A while back, they came into my carport, with about three or four additional friends or extended family members, and pretty much threw a party in the ‘port.

Raccoon escaping paparazzi.

As I looked out the kitchen window at them, one of them came right up to the door and stood on his hind legs and kind of waved his front paws at me beseechingly — I guess wanting food.

If raccoons could give someone the finger, I'm sure I would have been the recipient for disrupting his outing.

They start walking around the backyard most nights just before dusk. And I recently caught this one raccoon on camera as she – I think it’s the mother of the brood of youngsters – climbed up a tree.

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2 Responses to Raccoony kind of afternoon
  1. What are your 3 sons doing about it MC?:-)

  2. Boomerang’s the only one who qualifies as a “son” — the other two, Einstein and Coco Chanel are all girl!!


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