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Sideways in Sarasota

The Sideways in Sarasota cover

Thanks so much to everyone who’s posted comments on my blog, FB, sent emails and snail mail wishing me well in future writing. Some of you also asked about my past writing and where to read it … my book, Sideways in Sarasota, is one of the best ways to read my early columns — it’s full of very personal essays about dating disasters, life as a new divorcee, love lost and ballsy-ness gained, Boston memories, Sarasota living, and a little bit of 2008 politics thrown in. You can buy a signed copy for $11 via my website right here! It’s also available at Circle Books on St. Armands and at the Selby Library in downtown Sarasota.


Posted on July 12th, 2012Comments RSS Feed
5 Responses to Sideways in Sarasota
  1. Hello!! Marie.
    Congratuation!! Your beautiful book!!
    I am glad to say Hello to you.
    And also say Hi to your lovely cats.
    Thank you!

  2. Well, thank you Keiko! The same Keiko from Plymouth State — correct? What a pleasure to hear from you. Hope you are still writing! MC

  3. Yes, Mary! I am the same Keiko.
    “Plymouth State ….& Dr. Zinfon”, I googled.
    So I can meet your wonderful HP.

    “Keiko’s Tokyo Ordinary Days”
    Between the midnight and the early morning
    I walk to the kitchen, so I pick up frozen shrimp gratin.
    Just 5minits20seconds, I am waiting with my spoon.
    So the microwave says “Hey! your dish is ready ”
    The plastic trey is very hot, but
    I am so easy to be happy.

    I sometimes
    love this done dish
    so much.

    I enjoy to writing something in Japanese, very very sometimes in English.
    Last six or seven years, I was sick.
    But I am getting better now.

    I hope you will be very happy.
    Thank you to talk with me.

  4. wrong: done dish
    correct?: dawn dish

  5. glad to see you are still writing!
    and very glad you are feeling better health-wise.


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