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Joseph Monninger’s Finding Somewhere

The cover of Finding Somewhere

A horse about to be put down. Two girls decide to take him on a road trip to freedom. Finding Somewhere — a new book by Joseph Monninger, my fiction-writing professor at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire.

I remember reading one of his books back in, gosh, I guess it was 1992, and a line from that book STILL resonates in my head. I haven’t read Finding Somewhere yet, but I borrowed it from the Selby Public Library and gave it to my mom to read as she is recovering from her surgery. She said it was a great read. It’s technically billed as “young adult” reading, but I hate those labels — I mean, c’mon, what about The Little Prince?!

Anyhoo — check out Finding Somewhere if you’re interested. Haven’t seen Monninger since my college days, but his prolific writing is a burr in my saddle! (A good one!)

Here’s a quote from an interview Monninger gave recently — as a writer, I found it interesting:

I write standing up. I have a small cabin with a desk inside just below chest height. I started writing standing up because my back would get stiff and painful if I sat too long. Eventually, though, it seemed more natural to be standing. I feel more alert that way. So, that’s what I do. I recommend it.

Joseph Monninger

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4 Responses to Joseph Monninger’s Finding Somewhere
  1. I really like that..I do the same thing..In my mind, I picture a writer sitting at a desk writing..but I never do it that way..I write standing, walking, swimming, and sometimes sitting without a desk, down at the beach..
    and also on a treadmill..
    For some reason, now I feel like writing sitting at a desk and am envisioning a room of my own, with great art on the wall…it will be an eight by ten shed with a sea shore poster on the wall..since we live in a motor home that is the available “room of my own”

    It’s air conditioned, insulated, and carpeted thanks to my hubby..sounding better all the time..stay tuned

  2. Mary, another great writer wrote standing up as well, Ernest Hemingway… Even though most photos showed him sitting, he wrote most of his novels standing at a desk just below his chest.

  3. oh, wow! thanks for telling me that. didn’t know that…..


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