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Crime, faith and e-books

The cover of Jeff Glendenning's Chantilly

Are you an e-book reader? You may want to check out three books by an old friend of the family.

I remember long, hot summer days during which the author, Jeff Glendenning, and I played hours of tennis and then went swimming in the neighborhood pool. He was the older brother of one of my closest friends and I had a crush that went unrequited. Haven’t heard from him much over the years but now he tells me he’s published not just one, but three books on Amazon, each featuring FBI criminal profiler Tatum Jackson.

I haven’t read them, but if you love the crime genre mixed in with big questions about God and faith — you might want to check them out: Bully PulpitPivot Point and Chantilly. They’re each available for $2.99.

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One Response to Crime, faith and e-books
  1. Mary, Thanks for the plug! Please let your followers know my books are also available in paperback. Here’s my author page: Also, I’d like you to know I plan to write a book within the next year loosely based on an unrequited crush. I’m leaning toward titling it, “Typed Santa.” Thank you, Mary. Take care!Jeff

    ps You were too attractive for me to fathom the crush.

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