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Wine, cheese and the Sarasota News Leader

Put this on your calendar: The Democratic Club of Sarasota is holding another Wine, Cheese & Politics gathering this Wednesday, and the event will feature some of the reporters and editors at the Sarasota News Leader, the new e-publication I’ve both blogged about and written for. The event description is titled “Can Florida Survive Rick Scott?” but plenty of other topics will be covered, including last week’s primary results and this fall’s general election.

Like all Wine, Cheese & Politics events, this Wednesday’s powwow will take place at 6:30 p.m. on the sixth floor at 1350 Main St. in downtown Sarasota. Wine, beer and non-alcoholic beverages will be served, along with tasty snacks and sweets.

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6 Responses to Wine, cheese and the Sarasota News Leader
  1. M.C. Sounds great. I’ll for certain be there.

  2. Not sure if I’ll be able to make it to the event, but I’m looking forward to the publication! Thanks for letting us know about both.

    • nice to hear from you Susan! Yes, SNL is doing some interesting stuff …

    • Susan, with Rachel at the helm, I’m certain it will be a great publication.

      I’d love to attend this event as well, but this year hasn’t exactly been the best, but I’ll be there in spirit.

      I’ll be looking forward to future SNL publications. Wait a sec.. SNL.. oh no.. (Saturday Night Live).. now to insert a little humor in today’s politics certainly wouldn’t hurt.. would it..

      M.C. Perhaps a topic for tomorrow’s meeting; “Why the Democrats and Independants were exempt from voting for their choice for Supervisor of Elections and perhaps the ‘real’ reason Com. Jon Thaxton wasn’t voted in, was perhaps the Dems. and Independants were not ‘allowed’ to cast their vote?!

      Take a look at Eric Ernst’s column; Voters derve open primaries:

  3. HooRay. Seems I will be able to attend, if there’s still room. Just emailed my reservation.

    • Susan, unfortunately, I will not be able to attend. But say, would you please see my post above and let me know what you think. Your thoughts as well as M.C.’s would certainly be appreciated. I truly think we need to be able to do something regarding our voting process. It just does not seem right, nor politicaly fair, not to be able to vote for certain seats unless you are registered for the parties running. In this case, I’m refering to the Supervisor of Election seat. Commissioner Jon Thaxton and Kathy Dent are registered Republicans. So, my being registered as non-partisan, I’m not allowed to vote? Neither were Democrats. Perhaps if there were open primaries as Eric Ernst points out, there would have been a larger voter turn-out. This simply was not the case. Matter of fact, this was the smallest primary turn out in three decades! It’s no wonder the young – first-time voters cannot get interested in politics. And, can you blame them?

      Thank you for your time and thank you M.C. for providing us to express our views.

      Respectfully, Daniel

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