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Hot off the e-presses: Judy Joyce Winn’s The Silver Seahorse

One of the women I admire the most, a friend, mother, fellow writer and fabulous artist named Wendy Winn, lives across the pond in Luxembourg. But we’re lucky that Wendy’s equally talented mom, Judy, lives here in Florida, and we’re lucky that today she’s releasing a new e-book, The Silver Seahorse.

I don’t have an e-reader, so I haven’t yet read the book, but if her writing is anywhere near as lovely as she is, Seahorse is bound to be a good read. I haven’t seen Judy in years and years, but I’ve always remembered her as a groundbreaking woman (she is, among other accomplishments, a licensed pilot), and now she’s breaking new ground as an e-book author.

Here’s the back cover description:

Nessie Polite has everything figured out. She’s about to graduate with a master’s degree in architecture, has a job in the wings and a longtime boyfriend who is a lawyer. Then her mother, Kaylynn, is killed in a nasty auto accident that may have been murder…a murder meant for Nessie.

She inherits a special seahorse necklace Kaylynn always wore and a half interest in the “Silver Seahorse” gift shop. But now someone is stalking her, her supposed dead father is a fantasy, and to top it off, her boyfriend is cheating on her. Who is her father? And who wants to harm her? Will she find answers in her home town of Beulah Beach – or must she travel to the island of St. Thomas? Will she find true love or true danger in her quest for answers?

Click here to read more, and to purchase the book directly from the publisher, MuseItUp.

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