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When did activism become anarchism?

It’s nothing but sad to see, read, and hear about the millions upon millions of dollars being spent for the RNC, and the DNC,to be fair, to “protect” the cities from so-called “anarchists” — or what some might call activists, or what others might call Americans just doing their duty — registering their public complaint against policies, people, parties. Um, sort of like the tea tax protestors of yore.

Everywhere you read — people who want to peaceably protest are being labelled anarchists. It’s the kind of hyperbole that deranges our nation. Jiminy cricket, when did activism become anarchism?

Heidi Boghosian at WSLR, Aug. 25, 2012

Went to WSLR last night to hear Heidi Boghosian, executive director of the National Lawyer’s Guild, and co-host of the weekly civil liberties radio show, “Law and Disorder,” (which airs on WSLR on Sundays at 10 a.m.). I felt pretty uninformed sitting there in the audience and hearing about documented incidences of “snatch squads” — where protest leaders have literally been snatched from the street by hooded (identity concealed) law enforcement officers and stuffed into a van. Heard about a lot of other things too — things I’m still digesting and don’t fully understand and want to research more. But this much is clear to me — our civil rights are eroding and a lot of us — myself included — aren’t doing anything about it.

I really commend WSLR for providing these kinds of lecture events.

Interesting article about the most notable economic protests — and their outcomes in the Christian Science Monitor

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