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Mind-body experience expansion (No LSD required)

Terry DeMeo

I recently spent some time working with Martha Beck Master Certified life coach Terry DeMeo. My work with Terry has turned my life in a virtual Inner 180. It’s not hyperbole to say Terry’s coaching taught me tools I’d never known existed and, seriously, she pretty much blew the lid off (or, actually taught me how to blow the lid off myself) of many of my closest-held assumptions about myself, and the way I think, work and move in the world.

Our work covered personal and professional areas and, well, I can’t recommend her enough if you are seriously seeking to eliminate the roadblocks you’ve created in your life. ‘Cause that’s the biggest lesson, that I thought I knew already before working with her, but soon realized that I had only understood the concept on an intellectual level: the roadblock to experiencing your life the way you want to experience it isn’t your parent, your boss, your job or your broken-down-old car. The barriers between you and the life you want to live aren’t put there by boyfriends or thundershowers or a penchant for chocolate. The only thing getting in your way is you.

Working with Terry one-on-one was the best learning investment I’ve made in myself since working three jobs and seven days a week to put myself through college.

A lawyer-turned-life coach based in Coconut Grove, Florida, Terry’s mission is simple: helping intelligent people solve problems and transcend challenges. And I loved that she communicated and worked with me from both an emotional POV and a scientific one. She taught me a lot about how the brain works (and a not insignificant amount about how the body works).

No less an authority than Martha Beck, the bestselling author and Oprah magazine columnist, calls her “a wise, inspiring coach with the experience, emotional intelligence, and intellect to guide you through virtually anything.”

I encourage you to check out her Facebook page her Facebook page, and website (linked above), where she publishes her own thoughts, like this one I loved: on the discipline of writing.

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