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Booklet for Client Showcases Stunning Art at Church

I recently created a booklet for one of my clients, Sarasota’s Church of the Redeemer. The 16-page booklet explains the complex imagery in a 30′ x 30′ icon installed at Redeemer by world-renowned religious iconographer Eliseea Papacioc. I was the project manager for the booklet, and spent months researching, interviewing the church’s historiographer, theologian-in-residence and rector, and also edited the booklet and contributed writing as well. I worked with a local photographer to capture the full beauty of the images, and a local printer to make sure the booklet turned out perfectly.

If you’d like to see the results, download a full PDF copy of the booklet by clicking here, or just check out the cover and a sample page below. Or if you visit the Church of the Redeemer, look for this booklet in the Narthex or pews.

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