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Socially responsible online boutique client launch

Brittany Hagan 2 Super excited for the launch of my client’s new online boutique — The Wandering Coast!

A bit of background on this dynamic, young entrepreneur:

Twenty-nine year old Brittany Hagan, a former professional dancer for both NFL and NBA sports teams who recently made Sarasota her home, has launched The Wandering Coast (, a socially responsible online boutique. The Wandering Coast sells consciously-sourced, reasonably-priced coastal bohemian apparel, accessories, and home goods. Ten percent of the company’s profits is funneled directly to funding aid projects around the globe, such as The Wandering Coast’s current commitment to raise funds for medical care in rural Kenya. The company is a Florida-registered LLC, based in Sarasota.

“Establishing a business that works for the greater global good is the next step for me in creating a socially conscious and responsible lifestyle,” says Hagan. “That’s something I strive for across all areas of my life.” Hagan has personally volunteered and worked in countries such as Guatemala, India, and Haiti, through The Village Experience In March, 2018, she heads to Cuba for another volunteer project with Global Aware.

In addition to reserving ten percent of her company’s profits for socially conscious giving-back, Hagan responsibly sources products from like-minded partners and brands across the globe that are dedicated to fighting poverty, hunger, underemployment, and environmental stress in high-need areas. “Whether a customer selects a dress that can go from beach to bistro, a pair of sandals, or that just-right pillow to complement a living room décor — each of our lifestyle items is tied to a bigger purpose with a global perspective,” Hagan says. “From the start, my company is committed to the belief that living well and doing good can be mutually inclusive.”

Hagan’s background packs a one-two punch of business and marketing experience combined with a compassionate heart and a passion for doing good while living well. In addition to running The Wandering Coast, Hagan works as a Senior Program Manager for the publicly-traded global customer relationship management platform, Salesforce. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation from Indiana University as well as an MBA in Marketing from the University of Tampa.

The Wandering Coast is not Hagan’s first foray into entrepreneurship. In 2015, after dancing professionally for the NBA (Pacers) and NFL (Colts), she co-founded ProMotion Dance (, offering private audition coaching for aspiring professional sports team dancers, audition and choreography training and workshops, and even online and digital audition training resources for dancers and dance teams at all levels.

Hagan’s wanderlust for travel began at an early age, when first vacationing with family in Sarasota and other beautiful locations around the world. She tuned into fashion and styling in her early 20s. In 2011, Hagan won the national Miss America Community Service Award, on the heels of winning the Miss America National Sweetheart Pageant in 2010. The Sweetheart Pageant is only open to state pageants’ first runner ups: Hagan was named first runner up Miss Indiana in 2010. In 2011, at the state level, Hagan was also named Miss Orange County (Florida) and was a top ten contestant in that year’s Miss Florida pageant.

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