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Recommendations from Event Organizers

M.C. Coolidge has her audience at ‘hello.’ She engages members of her audience immediately with her wit, intelligence, ease of articulation and charming personal style. When she came to The Longboat Education Center to give her lecture ‘Bold Is the New Old’ she was able to encourage an older demographic to feel that there were still plenty of exciting things left to do and new ways to behave, especially in the fabulously stimulating setting of Sarasota—big things, little things—from reviving or redefining relationships to educational pursuits and volunteerism to experiencing the natural beauty and cultural opportunities in our area.

“‘Why act older, when you can live bolder’” was the rhetorical question M.C. Coolidge addressed with infectious enthusiasm and winning charisma. M.C.’s delivery is not something that comes from training or repetition; it comes from within, which makes it fresh and sincere.
Susan Goldfarb, Executive Director
Longboat Key Education Center

“Ms. Coolidge’s luncheon topic, ‘Politics, Punditry and Prejudice,’ was fresh and clearly tailored to her audience. She was provocative and engaging with a touch of self-deprecating humor. True to her popular columns and blogs, she pulled no punches, graciously fielded questions from the audience and had us all wanting her back for an encore.”
Nancy Feehan, Past President
Democratic Club of Sarasota

“Mary Catherine Coolidge (MC) brings high energy and passion to her presentation! She is wickedly witty but with every smile and laugh she generates, the audience is given a great deal to intellectually and emotionally digest. MC drew a large crowd — many whom had not been to the Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota County.”
Janice Zarro, Executive Director
The Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota County

“Thank you for sharing your message with Encore. ‘Guts, grace, and gratitude’ are inspiring for each of our days. We can all use a little more of them. You are an excellent speaker and writer. Being entertaining while communicating a serious message is not always an easy combination, and you do it very well.”
Ann Olson, 2010 President
Encore of Sarasota, Inc.