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Speaking Topics

Topics for talks and discussions can be tailored to the specific needs and interests of your event and audience.

Current titles include:

Sarasota & General
• “Bold is the New Old”: A humorous look at aging with grace, guts and gratitude.
• “Sarasota’s Sexy Side”: A celebration of everything that makes Sarasota sexy and wonderful – from Siesta Beach sunsets to “jewel of the cultural coast” arts.
• “New Year, New You, New Everything”: January’s not the only time to get back on track. Control the chaos and create change from where you are right now.

Politics and Social Issues
• “What the Heck Are They Thinking?”: From parking meters to pulling benches from city parks, on local or national issues, MC calls ‘em as she sees ‘em.
• “Civility in an Uncivil World”: A look at how and why civilized behavior is taking a beating in our current culture … and what we can do about it.
• “Politics Punditry & Prejudice”: A frank discussion on race in Sarasota.

Business & Career
• “Free-Agent Freelancing”: More American workers than ever are hanging out their own shingle and working from home in a variety of fields — MC shares the ups and downs, risks and rewards of freelancing.
• “BYOB – Bring Your Own Brand to the Office”: The most important brand is the one you make for yourself. Make it. Own it. Live Up To It.
• “The Columnist’s Conundrum”: The ups and downs of being a columnist.
• “It’s Not Business … It’s Personal”: Business is never “just business” – it’s always a unique opportunity to distinguish yourself by making it “personal.”

Men, Women, Family & Relationships
• “Sense & the Single (or Married!) Gal”: Do’s and don’ts for standing up for yourself, controlling your destiny, and tell a decent guy from a dud.
• “What Every Dad Should Teach His Children”: Growing up without a “real Dad” is tough –what father figures everywhere should teach boys and girls.
• “What I Know Now … I’m Glad I Didn’t Know Then”: How to turn the worst mistakes we ever made into the best things that ever happened to us.
• “Create Your Own Castle”: More advice for women from MC’s hard-earned Ph.D. from the School of Hard Knocks … don’t make the same mistakes she did!