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Public Relations

Public Relations in Sarasota … and beyond

I provide public relations and communications services to a wide variety of individuals, organizations, nonprofits, and businesses, helping them with everything from website development and content management to speech-writing and staff communications, advertising, marketing, and strategic planning.

I work independently — meaning I’m a freelancer, but often work in conjunction with design and web colleagues, or with clients’ in-house designers and staff to develop concepts, copy, and design. For example, one of my clients is a New York-based architectural/engineering firm with offices across the country. I work remotely for them year-round to develop and manage content for their award-winning employee Intranet site, for which I contributed concept, design, and project management services.

Click here to read about my website development and content management services.

With years of experience in helping businesses, nonprofits, and individuals communicate with their employees, clients, colleagues and community, I can quickly grasp the essentials of what needs to be communicated and to whom, and am able to get to a finished, high-quality, high-impact product with minimal input from the client and with a tight focus on the bottom line of a budget.