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McCain Blinks

John McCain wants to suspend his campaign and delay his first debate with Barack Obama. Why?

He says it’s because he wants to run along to Washington and solve the problem he apparently thinks the rest of the government can’t do without his extraordinarily astute, 24/7, economic insight.

Um, this is the same guy who about a week ago said “The fundamentals of our economy are strong.”

McCain’s clearly trying to buy time. He knows Obama is up in the polls since Wall Street’s walls began caving in at an escalated pace last week. He knows that would be the focus of the debate. And, he knows he wouldn’t come off well.

McCain’s running scared. Plain and simple. Talk about blinking.

So, a few words for Senator Maverick:

If you ever did make it to the Oval Office, Senator, you’d be called upon to do a lot of things at once. You did know that, didn’t you? It didn’t slip your mind, did it?

Aren’t you prepared to manage more than one crisis or area of oversight at a time? What would you do if you were President, a war was raging, a hurricane was blowing, and the US economy was flopping around like a gasping fish on the deck of a rickety boat?

Would you suspend your presidency while you figure out what to do next?

If the country was like Air Force One and a wing was damaged and you had a fire in the hole, what would you do, Senator? Your track record on pulling out of nosedives isn’t exactly stellar.

Would you keep flying while you got a repair crew on the wing and handed off an extinguisher to the stewardess? Or would you bail and pull the parachute toward a soft landing in DC while the rest of US prepare for a crash landing?

Maybe I should do what you’re doing, Senator. Maybe I should just stop spending my time campaigning for new work — like the three hours I spent in meetings today — making zero income — with prospective clients trying to get them to hire me so I can make up for all the clients I’ve lost this year due to the economy.

Maybe if I stop campaigning for work, I can focus on what to do with my 10-year old Camry that has a cracked engine drive belt and also needs a timing belt replacement — I don’t even know what those things do and why a car needs so many belts anyway. I don’t even wear a belt and my watch is broken too, so my timing’s probably more of a mess than my car’s.

All I know is my mechanic, who seems like a nice guy, is telling me it will be a car-tastrophe if I don’t fix these belts and soon. Like I might crash. Like I might be spending a lot longer than one week on the bus line if I don’t come up with the money now.

Only problem, Senator, is I’m broke — just like Wall Street. Maybe because of Wall Street.

But unlike you Senator, the rest of us Americans don’t have the luxury of suspending our day jobs so we can solve our crises — the ones where our kids are literally dying for lack of affordable health care; the ones where we can’t pay our health insurance premiums, and just pray we don’t get sick; the ones where we can’t keep our cars running long enough to look for work; the ones where we can’t pay our mortgage and may not have a place to sleep in a month.

Americans don’t get to suspend our lives, Senator. We’ve got to work our day job, while looking for the next job, while working our night jobs, while solving our crises, while keeping our own private everyday American dreams from imploding.

We all realize the economy is taking a nosedive – we’ve known that apparently a lot longer than you have, Senator. What we need is a president who won’t leave us in the lurch — leaving us in the middle of one of the most important presidential campaigns of our lifetime … and maybe somebody who can help us get our cars running and bills paid and children insured at the same time.

Sheesh, is that too much to ask?

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13 Responses to McCain Blinks
  1. Being held hostage in a Blue State
    September 25, 2008 at 2:40 am

    Given the severity of the situation and your statements above you advocate that the the candidates issue a statement telling the everyone the economy is bad and will require work and attention to fix the situation and continuing on with the campaign.

    The alternative being the candidates returning to congress working the aisles form coalitions to insure a package is produced that beginings of a bill to solve this situation. (As a side note I can understand why Barry is opposed to this given his 143 days in the Senate prior to declaring his candidacy it not like he’s got alt of support or connections to get the job done). Your alternative view is for the candidates to conduct themselves from a business as usual standpoint; with the opportunity to monday morning quarterback i.e. being in the position of complaining that had they been consulted they would have utilized a better solution. The result your basic politics as the American People know it. There’s change I don’t believe in

  2. Can the man walk and chew gum at the same time?Can the man have a satellite dish in Washington while Obama is in Miss. and still have the debate?Dick Morris said this is a brilliant political move that McCain can go to Washington and be the white knight in shining armor to get the Rep.on board and save the economy..Give me a break.McCain proactive?You think people can’t see that this move is so much smoke and mirrors to make it look like McCain is going on his own while Obama has to attend since Bush asked them to attend???McCain makes it personal and not partisan??????
    In the end this move make look good at first like McCain picking Palin but in the end the people are not that naive to really comprehend what is going on.My vote for McCain is over….R U listening Maureen?(Haven’t heard from you in awhile)

  3. PS You know what is sickening to me it truly is about what it will take to get elected NOT about the people and what the hell everyone is going through at the worst of times since I have been alive.It is so shameless the gameplaying that is going on just to get the votes while really not giving 2 Sh— about people.
    Oh yes Maureen I have been for woman’s rights my whole life and am prochoice too.Thought you should know since you called me out a few weeks ago.

  4. It’s like I’ve always said in response to the question of who am I going to vote for.. Why, the lesser of two evils, I respond.

    I really should take up politics. I sure could use the health benefits.

  5. You were right John.Thank goodness I have free health benefits from working in THE great state of NJ for 25 years…Now you just stick to sailing and have fun although Washington could really use you.Did you inhale by the way?:-)

  6. Being held hostage in a Blue State
    September 26, 2008 at 6:02 am


    You are the one who has steadfastly maintained that the debates held all your answers as to who you would vote for this November. Foreign policy debates you should be greatful Barry doesn’t have to stumble through it all. It’s action over words; deeds above discussion, Barry is only good when the teleprpmpter is running and I was looking forward to him stammering and bumbling his way through it all, but what you don’t understand is the problem comes first. With Barry and all his supporters he and they come first. Barry supporters have wrongly been identified as the generation of change actually it is the me first, instant gratification society which in part has greatly contributed to this economic crisis.

    As I said commented in a different MC blog:

    John McCain was calling for federal oversight back in 2006

    Barney Frank (D), who I believe is chairman of the house banking and finance committee has steadfastly maintained since 2003 that there was no problem with either Freddie or Fannie and the $$$ needed to get out to the masses. (

    Everyone needs to live within their means including your instant gratification society, they have just as much responsibility to bear in addition to the financial houses.

    Barry has taken alot of dough ($500K atleast) from Fanny and Freddy.

    I am disappointed the debate may not take place but as I have stated during previous “rants” these debates are nothing more than sound bite opportunities.

    With respect the mutual admiration society you and Perkins (Fredo) are promoting buy refusing to deal with “the lesser of two evils” Know this for the most part everyone chooses their lot in life as both of you seem to indicate. You and the rest of your ilk will be content to sit on the sidelines and then the both of you like Barry can play monday morning quarterback complaining you would have done it differently after contributing zero to resolving the problem. When John McCain is president both of you will complete each other.

    In closing if you are sickened take a Midol. You wax eloquent about the “great state of NJ” You Bub are so typical of every true loyal supporter of the “great state of NJ” living somewhere other than NJ.

    Have a nice day in FL

  7. I thought this was interesting… Shamelessly lifted from elsewhere….

    Clinton actually defended John McCain’s decision to suspend his campaign until a resolution is reached on the financial crisis. Even Clinton points out that John McCain didn’t do this because he is “scared,” which is what a lot of fellow Democrats were saying. Clinton reminds us that it was John McCain who was asking for more debates, town hall events, and Barack Obama is the one that refused

  8. Well I don’t need the debates now although I will watch.I do NOT like what I see and also liars.Both parties are at fault but McCain is playing too many games.Sarah sounds like she should be in the remake of Fargo.I will agree with you it is an instant gratification society but I see that on both sides.
    I don’t need a midol now thank you for the suggestion.Actually I can’t stand NJ except my family and long time friends are there.I have settled in THE great state of Fl.and am quite content being a resident here.Have a nice day wherever you live Blue Bait Hostage!:-)

  9. Being held hostage in a Blue State
    September 26, 2008 at 6:39 pm

    The bait thing was cute…. originality I’m impressed and for that I compliment your efforts.

    Now are you and Fredo gonna let that dolt verbally beat up MC2 because of liberal loons like you?? Saddle up pilgrims…’s off to war and don’t bring a knife to a gun fight (stole that one)

  10. Finally a compliment!You read my response enough said…nice response too.Twice we agree in the same day Blue Mate Hostage!

  11. Being held hostage in a Blue State
    September 27, 2008 at 7:41 am

    Protecting a woman’s write to decide who she’ll vote for albeit Barry is not my choice. Never was never will be.

    I’ll fire first as written for a second time…..congrats you, Fredo and MC2 got your sound bite….

    “I have a bracelet too”

    My personal favorite was Barry being schooled that strategy is not a tactic

    and finally why does every candidate’s plan to fix anything take 10 years?

  12. “Twice we agree in the same day Blue Mate Hostage!”

    It’s a freakin’ miracle…

  13. It’s a freakin miracle indeed !Hell maybe I will hit the lottery today?


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