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Sarasota Film Fest Hopeful: Racing the Rez

Even if I weren’t best friends with the director, Racing the Rez would be on my must-watch list. The documentary follows the stories of two high school cross country racing teams in Northern Arizona, where tribal bragging rights and a state championship are on the line. But it’s also a peek into a culture we rarely get to see — that of the Navajo and Hopi who live on America’s largest reservation. By following these boys, we’re really following a whole community.

Brian Truglio

I met the director, Brian Truglio, when I was at Bucknell University on a poetry scholarship and when he was running a monthly poetry discussion forum called the Full Moon Poets Society. We’ve been best friends ever since. Brian first visited the Navajo Nation in 1991, and taught there for a number of years.

Racing the Rez picked up a Best Documentary award at the Arlington International Film Festival, and has been broadcast several times in many states, including here in Florida. I heartily recommend checking it out. The best way to find out if the film’s showing on your screen soon is to follow the film’s Facebook page. Brian regularly posts there about when and where the film can be seen.

He’s applied to next year’s Sarasota Film Festival as well, so (fingers crossed) you might even be able to see the film on the big screen.

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Coward’s wish

The darkening
We will
Have it or not.

Beckons us
To come along

Brushes light
Aside with right
And falls
More quickly
Than we ever
It will.

In night, then,
Every wish
A prayer
For conscience deep,

Or Hamlet’s sleep.

Mary Catherine Coolidge copyright 2010

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In the dark
The crows assemble

Unhunching shoulders
With glossy shrugs,
Beaks sussing out
Some unwelcome things
Among them.

Half-opening wings,
Not preening
Just quiet fluffing
And subtle shiftings
Of weight;
Almost imperceptible shufflings
In the order of things.

Readying themselves;
Maybe steadying,

For day and light
Then flight.

Copyright 2010 MC Coolidge

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I dance around you
like a firefly —
in the hand
of June;
made wary
by a past
that haunts
the present,
and fuels civilities.

I flail and fall
through impolitic coupling —
as alone
as later;
listening to the blues
or meeting your friends,
I murmur civilities.

I feel most honest
when you sleep —
your eyes closed
mine wide open,
holding my own breath
to listen to yours.

It’s those intrepid explorers
I’m wondering about —
the ones who swath
their way
through the overgrowth
through undoing incivility,
shrugging off the pounding din
staring down the dead-yellow eyes
of all those
jungle-hungry hearts.

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Her hand,
a small one
according to standards
she’s never been able to meet

Says, “Look — she is here;
let the inquisition

(If she’s told one lie,
she’s told ten.)

Fingertips poised
ready to draw
true blue
then drop à point
to be read
once bled.

The vellum almost
an admonishment:
She had better tell the truth.

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Insulated as it is
By its cushion
Of double walls;
Protected as it is
By ribs standing sentry;
So far from the brain —

The heart lingers. (more…)

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Romantic love

Romantic love


Intoxicates me (more…)

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The world is too much with mc … tonight

William Wordsworth sets us straight on a few things.

The world is too much with us

The world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers:
Little we see in Nature that is ours;
We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!

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Dinner with Jerry

For Dr. Gerald J. Zinfon, Professor of English and Poet

Champagne, home-grown tomatoes
and peppers, angel hair pasta,
California strawberries with
vanilla ice cream; (more…)

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