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Tolerating Discrimination

In last Thursday night’s Vice Presidential debate, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin clarified their joint opposition to gay marriage.

Biden said it’s “only fair”to support the civil rights of same-sex couples, and Palen said she’s “tolerant” of gay couples; but neither one of them wants to see same-sex couples getting married in any traditional sense.

It sounded to me as if our country was back in the 1960s – debating whether it should be legal or illegal to deny marriage simply on the basis of race.

Before 1967, marriage between blacks and whites wasn’t tolerated; states were allowed to determine who and who could not marry purely on the basis of racial classification. The 1967 Supreme Court ruling (Loving v. Virginia) changed all that.

But we’re still doing the same damn thing. We’re still trying to tell people who can and cannot marry. Except now, instead of using racial classifications to prevent marriage between those of dissimilar skin color, we’re using sexual classifications to prevent marriage between those of similar sex organs.

And it’s wrong.

Wrong by any measure of human decency.

When we talk about “tolerating” any member of our society, we are talking about discriminating.

Discriminating against our own people — brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, co-workers and neighbors, congressmen and garbage collectors, teachers and the children they teach. Everyone knows someone who is gay.

But yes, by all means, let’s just tolerate them. Let’s be “fair” and permit them to shack up together. Let’s even allow them to own property together, have health insurance, and visit whichever one is dying in the hospital.

We’re heterosexuals, after all, not animals. The Palins and Bidens among us are decent, God-fearing folks who know how to treat the lesser among as, well, not quite equal, but certainly worthy of our tolerance, and the gays should be grateful for that. Right?

Let them fight – and die – for our country. Let them doctor us –save our lives, mend our broken arms, even counsel our depression. Let them put in our breast implants, mow our grass, style our hair, and govern our states. The Palins and the Bidens of the world wouldn’t deny the gays the right to work and serve.

They just don’t let those little same-sex heathens thinking they’re good enough – or tolerated enough – to be married in a traditional wedding, or heaven forbid, inside the walls of a house of God.

For a couple, marrying is the ultimate public declaration and recognition of their love. And whether heterosexual or homosexual, that public declaration and recognition strengthens not just the private bond between the couple, but also strengthens the public bonds so critical to our success as families, neighbors, communities, and as a nation.

We all want to be considered worthy of experiencing the joy of loving and being loved. Including the joy of marriage.

Biden and Palin would deny that right – that joy – to people who love someone of the same sex.

Meanwhile, as a heterosexual, I can get married and divorced as often as I like – as long as it’s to a man. A man who has beaten or psychologically abused his two former wives can continue to seek new wives. A woman who is marrying strictly for money, can walk with impunity down the aisle.

Even this country’s murderers and rapists – locked up in prison – are legally allowed to marry, while millions of hard-working, tax-paying, church-going (or not), community-volunteering, non-criminal gays are not.

I believe the hearts of Americans are more than just tolerant. I believe we are a people who would not deny anyone – regardless of their sexual orientation — the unalienable, constitutional right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. A life with a loving partner. The liberty to love freely. The happiness of being married if that’s what one wants.

To deny the sanctity of marriage to those who seek it earnestly, is to assume a judgment of and power over others that we have no right, God-given, or otherwise, to assume.

On November 4th, I encourage all Floridians to show Biden and Palin that the meagerness of their hearts on this issue is no match for the generosity of ours.

Vote NO on the Florida Marriage Protection Amendment.

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8 Responses to Tolerating Discrimination
  1. While I agree with you and have nothing against same sex marriages, I believe the majority of people are against it as evidenced by a major poll in July this year that 55% of people in the US voted against same sex marriages while 36% voted for these unions.You also have to change the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act which clearly states a union is defined between a man and a woman.The Federal Govt.just doesn’t recognize it and currently it is going on a state by state basis with only Ca. and Mass to support it.
    Again I have no problem with it at all but the critics state that it is not in the best interests for kids,erodes religious freedoms,unnatural,and I have read that it evens opens the door towards polygamy.I don’t really agree with any of the above .
    I will vote NO on the Florida Marriage Protection Amendment for the reasons you stated and some of my own views.I still think as a society many people do not want same sex marriages but it is time to open our eyes and hearts and let two people who want to get married regardless of sexual orientation do so…

  2. John W. Perkins
    October 5, 2008 at 2:48 pm

    I believe in same sex marriage as long as both women are hot and are married to me..

  3. You mean John if you were married to Sarah and Katie you can handle that situation?Could you really sail with the two of them???Can I be your first mate and watch?Sorry MC…..:-)

  4. Yo BLEW State,
    You NEVER answered my questions from Oct.1????Oh well.Perkins I know you bust balls too and don’t mean half the crap that you say but I will have to have some drinks with you to decide your true views.I heard MC is having a blog party soon.Everyone who has contributed to this site will be invited for drinks to laugh and discuss the issues at hand.The bill will be picked up by??????????Shake it easy Blue Date…….less Hostage…..See you around the campus….

  5. Being held hostage in a Blue State
    October 6, 2008 at 7:31 am

    MC2, FREDO and Snowman:

    Gay marriage, first; I hope the Snowman and Fredo live happily ever after they deserve the opportunity to be joined in holy matrimony.

    Secondly ; what the politicians don’t tell you is that federally recognizing gay marriage has nothing to do with God, religion, or legal definitions creates. The decision is strictly financial in what is paid in and remains in the treasury and what is paid out. Check it out. Connect the dots. Financially a gay couple presently pay into social security each draw a retirement benefit based on the amount they pay into SSA. After federalizing gay marriage your “spouse” could draw SSA spouse retirement benefits based on the higher contributions of the second spouse. The new gay couple’s US 1040 would entitle you to a break for additional exemptions being married.

    There are other benefits too such as health care coverage that the insurance lobby is not to crazy about “family” plans versus individual payers. Presently all those taxes go in and no breaks are given. Snowman don’t give up hope you and Fredo will some day be able to marry and it will be legally recognized by Uncle Sam and then Fredo will be entitled to spousal benefits from the Snowman’s monthly disability/retirement check.

    With respect to an answer to your question from October…… you should know it by now and if you haven’t realized I have no intentions to, or will I interject my personal background into this blog. It does not have a place in this forum so get over it. I realize you and Fredo think you gain a certain amount of street cred from disclosing personal details about yourselves. It is something babyboomers (your generation) are known, but it is not a quality I find necessary.
    To quote Einstein.

    Best regards, etc, etc…. emphasis on the latter.

  6. Listen BS H Perkins did not want to do the dishes and all he wanted to do was sail so that’s it for me.We now are just friends….Good points and I really hate giving you props but I call it as I see it.
    Just asking Blue Hate hostage no big deal you don’t want to give a name fine…MY generation.????.Your generation is so bitter and you really are stuck with your narrow views of the world sadly but remain bitter and angry…. no sweat with me etc etc etc emphasis on the latter

  7. John W. Perkins
    October 7, 2008 at 11:52 am

    “Could you really sail with the two of them???” Easily.. As Skipper of the boat I can simply declare, “Do as I say or you can walk home.”. It’s most effective when 5 miles out to sea.

    “Can I be your first mate and watch?” You can handle the camera.

  8. LOL ………… aye aye Skipper:-)


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