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MC talks about the writing process on Creative Life radio

If you’re interested in listening to my thoughts on the writing process — and probably lots of other topics as well — tune in next Tuesday, November 11th from 9 to 10 am. I’ll be the guest of Elizabeth Van Riper on her “Creative Life” radio program (WSLR 96.5 FM Sarasota Community Radio).

I believe she’s taking questions/calls, so if you’ve got a question about writing in general or my writing in particular, the Studio Phone is 941.355.4540.

You can listen from your computer by going to WSLR’s live broadcast center.

Here’s some background on Van Riper’s program:

Artist and arts advocate Elizabeth Van Riper’s Tuesday program on WSLR 96.5 FM Sarasota Community Radio, The Creative Life, invites guests from across the spectrum in the performing and visual arts. She also posts news of what is happening and upcoming in a weekly e-mail. Van Riper does all this while running Van Riper Communications, a marketing and public relations firm. Her enthusiasm for Sarasota is infectious; rarely does one end a conversation with her and not take a step back in amazement for her “can-do approach.” She says she hosts the radio program “to enhance our community’s awareness and appreciation for those who dare to share their creative inspiration and to encourage all to tap into their own intrinsic creativity.” — Sarasota Magazine

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  1. I only caught 15 minutes MC but you did great..Congrats…

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