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Moon-howling mama

In honor of tonight’s full moon …

She practices French
While washing her hair
— Thinks life is that short.

Takes a lover —
‘Til his patience wears thin
Or her interest wears out;

Ah, men — she smiles
At their hands

And gives their gifts away.

Her teeth sharp
And gleaming —
Behind the gloss

Her go-to-hell smile
Says she’s been there —
— And back.


Some say she’s got a mean streak
Always leaving men too soon —

— I say she’s only lonely,
And howling at the moon.

Posted on December 12th, 2008Comments RSS Feed
2 Responses to Moon-howling mama
  1. coincidentally, there’s a full moon tonight.

  2. I knew ur past posts revealed pre valentines day jitters
    Screw it
    it’s just a made up one day nothing
    enjoy Sunday and watch the Olympics like the rest of the world!!!!

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