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Snake in the grass …

Hey, can anyone tell me what kind of snake is in my yard. He’s soooooo pretty. He’s been out there all this morning and I think he ate something and was digesting it. And, then after I took these photos, later I found he had moved along.


Posted on September 4th, 2009Comments RSS Feed
4 Responses to Snake in the grass …
  1. You are going to love this. “Your snake” really isn’t a snake at all. It’s a legless lizard, or glass lizard. There are several species of glass lizards in your area and you can’t see much of this beast, but it looks to me to be an Eastern Glass Lizard (Ophisaurus ventralis). It’s a young one. Adults loose much of the pattern they have when young. Fun picture.

    Enjoy, – Bill Brooks, Bastrop, TX

  2. Bill Brooks — i looked up the EGL on the Internet and I guess you might be right! It does look a lot like those — but they really look like snakes! How odd that they could be lizards s– legless ones. I do have a TON of lizards in my yard but I’ve only ever seen ones with legs. The other day I saw two fairly large lizards (with legs) really fighting — they seemed to be fighting over territory maybe. Never have seen that before either, so I guess it’s a summer for new things.

    This is about the tenth time I’ve seen a snake (um, lizard) in my yard. The others were mostly black racer types and then one sort of yellow-ish one and then I think a garter snake once.

    I appreciate you reading the blog and then taking the time to tell me there’s a lizard in the grass … not a snake! Come back anytime!

  3. Eastern Glass Lizard for sure. The most common reptile in my yard, besides those damn invasive brown anoles.

  4. David W. — alright I guess now that I have to experts weighing in … I have to accept that it’s a lizard not a snake! I appreciate you confirming the sighting. I keep a log (probably kind of dorky of me) of every creature that comes onto my property. Come back anytime!


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