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I dance around you
like a firefly —
in the hand
of June;
made wary
by a past
that haunts
the present,
and fuels civilities.

I flail and fall
through impolitic coupling —
as alone
as later;
listening to the blues
or meeting your friends,
I murmur civilities.

I feel most honest
when you sleep —
your eyes closed
mine wide open,
holding my own breath
to listen to yours.

It’s those intrepid explorers
I’m wondering about —
the ones who swath
their way
through the overgrowth
through undoing incivility,
shrugging off the pounding din
staring down the dead-yellow eyes
of all those
jungle-hungry hearts.

Posted on September 17th, 2009Comments RSS Feed
7 Responses to Civilities
  1. Carefull, you’re getting me excited.

  2. A dolphin gets you excited John.Cool off and take a nice cold shower.Nice prose MC.

  3. you guys are TOO funny! but i appreciate you reading and commenting!!!

  4. Steve said, “A dolphin gets you excited John.”

    Well, duh ! Follow the link…

  5. Touche Captain.Now I need a cold shower:-)

  6. Sweet, tough eternalities bursting from the heart through the brain to the page. Not just fine craftsmanship, but a touch of genius. You keep this up, you’re gonna be immortal. s/Stan Zimmerman

  7. I posted it for you, Stan! You said you like to read poetry … . Really appreciate you taking the time to read it and comment. It was a toughie to write and I worried about publishing it. Your words encourage me, though! thanks a lot.

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