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Cloudy days for Sarasota’s sunshine

Well, I did it … I appeared again on the WEDU/PBS (Channel 3) mconflthisweek-2political television program Florida This Week. Whew! I’m serious — it’s a major deal for me each time. I’ve only been on three times so far and of course, I’m trying to improve in both style and substance … but the girl has a long way to go.

Anyway, I griped about Sarasota government operating in the dark — as I’m wont to do. I think I say “the sun just isn’t shining in Sarasota government,” and um, I might say a little something about the local gov being “dysfunctional” at best. Um, yes, I know … I flunked “how to win friends and influence people” …

Try to ignore how I flubbed my answer on “the keys” — oh, good grief, I stumble around that answer like a fish out of water — key water that is.

Anyway, if you want to catch the show — just click here: MC on Florida This Week October 9. Look for the program that says October 10 (they got the date wrong there) and just hit play. You can fast forward to about 25:00 if you want to just hear me yakking about Sarasota.

Any comments, quips, queries, questions — post a blog comment here.

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7 Responses to Cloudy days for Sarasota’s sunshine
  1. You were awesome. But seriously, I don’t understand why dismissed the serious story of YouTubing with Clocked Out? Good work!

  2. Of course you are your own worst critic MC but you did a great job in what you had to say.We are proud of you.Next time just relax a bit and slow down.Each time on the show, from what I have seen, you have done better and your points come across loud and clear!

  3. Thanks Steve — you’re right. I need to slow down!

  4. Amy — is there a new installment yet???

  5. MC, You were great! It always seems worse when you are in the moment. Hopefully when you watched it again you thought it was great, too.

  6. Thanks, David — I looked at your website — — did you take those photographs yourself? They’re stunning! This morning there was a VERY large hawk just sitting on a broken-off limb of my backyard tree. He was massive. A bit intimidating. But beautiful.

  7. MC –

    Tomorrow, we air a new episode of Clocked Out. I’ll send it to you.


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