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MC Reality Readers Make a Real Difference this Thanksgiving!

“Wow!” That was the headline from the email I received from All Faiths Food Bank earlier today letting me know that as of about noon today, MC Reality readers — here at this blog, at the Pelican Press, and at Creative Loafing — dug deep into their already economy-affected wallets and pockets and still found room to send donations to the food bank to help those in need.

Amount raised? A fabulous $1,611.23!!!! Add that amount to the drives since 2007, and that means Reality Readers have donated an incredibly generous total of $10,484!

Want to know how many Thanksgiving dinners that amount could supply to families of four or five — including turkey and all the yummy trimmings? — 134!! One hundred and thirty-four!

Want to know how many individual meals that amount can buy for the hungry in our community now as a result of your generosity? — If I’m doing my math right — it’s a staggering 2,557 meals!

(All Faith’s website says 159 individual meals can be provided with just $100, so I extrapolated from that; someone correct me if my math is wrong — hey, I’m a writer, not a math genius!.)

They haven’t had time to get the names to me for the drawing, but believe me, as soon as they do — I’ll report the drawing results right here at MC Reality online!

I don’t know how to thank you all — each and every one of you — for pitching in for the third year in a row to this little drive of mine. A couple of people have said to me “Oh, wow, you did a great job with the drive this year!” But I know it wasn’t me — it was all of you … making a difference.

Thank you.

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2 Responses to MC Reality Readers Make a Real Difference this Thanksgiving!
  1. MC, what can I say and are there even any appropriate words available other than a heartfelt “Thank You” for utilizing the services of your website’s blog in such a potitive way. MC, and I know Steve, John and so many other of your readers would not dispute the fact that you are an incredible person, have always fought for your beliefs, values and have never, ever gone below the morals you’ve established for yourself. Just the simple act of unselfishness for taking the time to help those truly in need, whether it be the veterans, the homeless, or just those who, without your efforts, may not have had a decent Thanksgiving meal, – (or, this may be the only meal they will receive this week).
    MC, I thank you so very much.
    Respectfully, Dan

  2. Oh, you’re too kind, Dan. Thanks for reading and for commenting! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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