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Support PBS and Hope MC Doesn’t Crash & Burn on Live Television …

Yup — you read that right. Tomorrow night, Friday, December 11th, I’ll be on WEDU/PBS Channel 3 LIVE for a roundtable political discussion of burning hot Florida topics (um, yes, we’re talking about the Sailor on the Bayfront, natch) on Florida This Week.

The show goes live, on-air at 8:30 p.m., and the reason it’s live is because it’s a fundraising call-in show. So if you’re a regular supporter of PBS, and in particular of WEDU, give a shout tomorrow night and make a donation.

I’ll be participating in the panel discussion first and then moving on to man, er, woman, the phone lines. If you call in, tell ’em MC sent you!

I really don’t have all the guidelines for donating — but I’m sure that no amount is too small and I’ll bet they have little give-aways — don’t quote me, though. If you tune in to Channel 3, at 8:30, they’ll have information on how to make a donation if you want to support the program — not just Florida This Week, but all the fabulous programs on PBS.

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4 Responses to Support PBS and Hope MC Doesn’t Crash & Burn on Live Television …
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  2. Okay, read ur swan song
    That was funny in itself!
    No they shouldn’t muzzle u but then again
    most people enjoyed ur lighthearted humorous writing
    and couldn’t careless about national issues. At ur age I’d go back and write guest columns for the Pelican Press
    thanks for the info on ur book

  3. 3 posts in a row and your spent?
    Now your showing your age
    I bet when u were younger you had no problem posting all day
    well better quality posts than quantity anyway!
    It was a great game!
    Now onto Draft Day
    then the drought begins
    At least we have the Olympics
    Any predictions?

  4. I kinda like Snaps
    Never met a man I didn’t like
    then again
    never met Neg Nate
    one mean man!!!!
    Guess ur right Steve,
    Das one scary dude!!!!!
    No invite!!!!!

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