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Angels with scissors … MC in today’s Sarasota Herald-Tribune

The Sarasota Herald Tribune is running an essay of mine in today’s paper —

“If I’d continued on the road I was on,” Hillis says, “I’d be living out on the street myself, or dead.” A tale of redemption.

— in the Op/Ed section, print page 9A, or if you want to read it online, you can do so by clicking these words: Angels with Scissors.

If you have any thoughts or comments about the column, you can comment here on my blog, or post a comment on the H-T website and/or you can send a letter to the editor of the Herald Tribune at (be sure to type the word “letter” in the subject line).

Posted on December 21st, 2009Comments RSS Feed
4 Responses to Angels with scissors … MC in today’s Sarasota Herald-Tribune
  1. Great article MC.Now you should turn that story into another book……..Just a thought and Hillis is to be commended for turning around his life and helping others.Bravo !

  2. What a beautiful and inspirational story–we all need to be doing so much more for those that are less fortunate.

  3. Well MCC,
    I guess u found another heartwarming story!
    Maybe there r alot of them out there but this year we have to dig alittle harder and deeper to find them.
    Cheers to you for finding this one !


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