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New Year … New Attitude!

The Sarasota Herald Tribune is running an essay of mine in today’s (New Year’s Day, 2010) paper — page 17A for the printaphiliacs among you. (Yes, I think I made that word up!). Or, online at This Year, Let’s Get Happy.

Here’s a snippet:

Do I really want another year of struggling to lose 20 pounds and scrambling to replenish my decimated savings? Isn’t re-caulking the bathtub, reading “Remembrance of Things Past” and clearing out that mess of who-knows-what from under the bed aiming awfully low?


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13 Responses to New Year … New Attitude!
  1. Loved it, loved it.. Welcome to the responsible core wrapped in fun, set..

  2. Thanks, John! Hope this year is a really great one for you ….

  3. MCC,
    Great goals!!!
    The fun part starts when u see at what date u gave up ur last resolution and climbed back onto that same famiiar wheel,safe and steady.
    Hopefully at least till the end of January!
    If you really want to change ur life without moving,
    get a dog!! A real dog that u have to walk and occasionally run with
    u will become a new person,a dog lover,and successfully acccomplish ur 2010 goal!
    Or maybe just write about becoming one:)
    Happy wet New Year!!!

  4. Great new philosophy for 2010 MC.May it be the best one yet filled with so much laughter …happiness… and health.Carpe Diem!

  5. Thanks Steve — right back at you! Carpe diem indeed! :)

  6. Mary, say, I can hardly wait to see what the New Year brings, in regards to your columns. As alway’s Mary, ya write from your heart and what you know. I feel this year is going to unfold with some wonderful pieces from you. MC, ya never fail us as knowone really know’s what to expect each time we enter your site. *Also Mary, and I don’t think I need to tell ya and am certain Steve will agree with me on this, but there are a few individuals out there, who are so miserable with their lives, the only thing that makes them happy, it to attack by writing some very immature comments.. You know who you are Mary and like I said from the begining, you’re like a diamond in the rough, and each year, your writing is truly begining to shine. And shine on us it does! You’re the best MC! Peace, Love and the best of health this coming New Year.

  7. oh, you’re sweet, Daniel. Thanks for the very kind and encouraging words. I read what that guy wrote on the H-T website … and others … well, that’s okay — their opinion! Thanks for reading … and writing … all best in 2010!

  8. I agree with you Dan and I know everyone is entitled to their opinions.I always say consider the source when it comes to making such outlandish comments so in the end who really gives a —- about it .

  9. Loved the article, even though I didn’t get to read it in the paper!! You inspire me to make a resolution for myself, something I haven’t done in several years! Here is to your 2010 full of fun. Don’t get discouraged if have to start out by wading because I am certain that in no time at all you will be swimming in the deep end and having the time of your life!!

  10. Hey, thanks Carolyn! Appreciate the good wishes. Hope your new year is starting off great. And good luck wtih your resolution. I usually set goals, not resolutions — but this year, I’m trying something different!

  11. Steve, you know, what you said, regarding; considering the source of the person, then you will understand how serious to take it. Having read the negative comments from the one reader, I bet he’s alone and unhappy as to why he’s trying to spread his unhappiness, by submitting such negative posts. MC know’s how much she’s love by us all and how much respect we have for her, is what truly counts.

  12. I still don’t buy it Dan and he he zero credibility as far as I am concerned.Another attn.grabber who dislikes woman in general I say.Alone and unhappy not so sure about and really don’t care.Spreading his unhappiness..nah..just trying to get attn.and so far we are giving it to him.MC I assumes hears neg.comments at times and as a blogger it is to be expected but it is how you handle it and she does with grace and dignity.I am not too sure if I would and perhaps would be an attack dog in my response if I gave one.

  13. Oh, you know Steve — it actually doesn’t bother me all that much what the man wrote on the H-T website. Of course, it stings but it’s an opinion — not much of a relevant one, to me, but still, his, and he’s entitled to it! But thanks to everyone for even being concerned at all — yes, I had a bad moment (or two) when I saw his response but then, as Steve, you say, I’m used to some things as a writer, blogger — heck, I’ve had people send letters to me, back in the old PP days, that had images and words that were pretty scary, (back when I was first writing about Obama), so this is light stuff in comparison. The interesting part to me, is how the vitriol always comes from one set of folks — by their own definition — they are what they themselves call “conservatives”. interesting how their behavior belies the very values that conservatives most often align themselves with. okay, off to have some fun!


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