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Sunday night … football, film, and fun

So, yesterday I had a bit of unscheduled fun.

I was invited to round out a dinner party for eight given in honor of a visiting out-of-towner, John Goberman, executive producer of “Live from Lincoln Center.” It was a lovely, erudite crowd, with a conversational focus on classical music. Little MC was lost most of the time — Debussey, Placido, Bach, Joshua Bell, Beverly, — yes, all names I know, but not intimately (I’m a musical minimalist when it comes to classical — I adore Beethoven and leave other composers and works by the wayside); and there were plenty of names of composers and names of works that I couldn’t pronounce, much less recognize.

Still — a very interesting evening exposing me to an entirely different world, really. What was fascinating were the anecdotes — I mean, really rich, funny, behind-the-scenes stories about everything from the Cuban Missile Crisis to performances at the White House, to, um, well, maybe enough said — some of the stories, as juicy as they were, best not be repeated … and despite my writerly inclinations, I had barely a story of my own to tell that could match theirs.

I was seated next to Goberman at dinner and he was a delightful, witty companion. After dinner, he gave a sneak preview/screening of his “Live from Lincoln Center” montage which will be shown later this morning at Holley Hall (10:30 am; Sarasota Institute of Lifelong Learning — go see it if you can, it is actually a thrilling piece of film, very well done) and again later today or tonight in Venice. You can call SILL at 365.6404 if you’re interested.

After dinner, I made it home in time to see the Saints go into overtime and pull out a victory. Just as I’d predicted. Better go call my bookie … .

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4 Responses to Sunday night … football, film, and fun
  1. Ah yes, the Classics.. Presley, Stones, Led Zepplin, The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies, the Beatles, and the Blue Oyster Cult..

  2. um, yes on Stones and Doors and Beatles … but add U2!

  3. Omg u only saw the overtime portion of that game!!!!!
    U missed a 40 yo QB waking up to the reality that 300 lb players half ur age can kill you .

    As for music ,
    update is needed try Madcon or better Michaelson!
    Ahhhh Bach!

  4. For once I agree with you Capt.and I haven’t heard the name Joe Bryd since the late 60’s ..Don’t forget Clapton..U 2 yikes….MC get Joshua Bell’s West Side Story suite..A classic for sure.


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